HCI and Silence

This week’s NorSC meeting focused on ‘silence’. We watched and discussed three videos: A Headspace ‘live meditation’ video A performance of John Cage’s 4’33 A pomodoro ‘study with me’ session. We discussed (with the 25 minute pomodoro timer ticking) ideas of silence, breaks, and absences in HCI.

HCI and Board Games

Our group meeting this week focused on “HCI and Board Games”.  We began with a discussion of previous papers from the CHI conference that have focused on board games, including studies of playing games, studies that have used games to generate requirements and data, and studies that have used games for critical reflection. The papers…

HCI and Walking

For our group meeting this week we organised a walking meeting to discuss “HCI and Walking”. The following papers were distributed before the meeting as suggestions for discussion (but we were free to discuss whatever we thought relevant): Churchill, E.F., 2010. Today’s flâneur: from HCI to place-based interaction and human-place interaction. interactions, 17(4), pp.62-66. Damen, I., Brankaert,…

Carlos Alvarez – PhD student

I am working at the intersection of psychology and computing. My research explores wellbeing in emerging types of work, e.g. the gig economy, where working conditions vary drastically. I investigate how technologies can support platform workers in achieving a better work-life balance and ultimately aid them in being more efficient. My background includes communications, design,…

Adventuring at the Crucible

I attended the Digital Economy Crucible Leadership Programme in the summer of 2019. Truthfully, I was unsure about applying when I first came across the call for participation; I had attended a local leadership programme for early career researchers in the previous year and I had several looming deadlines at the end of the summer….