CHI 4 Evil

As a dyslexic, I find it difficult to get some of my non standard ideas understood, let alone accepted. This can be very frustrating to use an understated term. Once such idea was one I voiced in the Chi workshop CHI for evil. I feel it flew like a pigeon with a brick tied around…

Things we need words for

One of the things that is brought up  in this YouTube video is the idea that people have become part of the algorithm. We don’t really have methods in Computer science or human computer interaction which really looks at the ecology of people and technology. As mentioned in the video below at an individual basis…

Try virtual reality for science

After months of struggling to get working software, there is something very pleasing about the experimental process. Here is one of our PhD students Joe working on his VR reality experiment down at the Northern Design Center. Don’t mention ANOVA!

Why black mirror is so reminiscent of a proctology exam

Obviously, I have a problem with the beloved show Blackmirror.  Why I am a dissenter is probably related to my rolls as both dyslexic, Appropriate technologist, scientist  and science fiction author of no standing whats so ever. Why do I find the program so annoying ? I guess because it’s lazy. Actually it’s not lazy….

Design fiction

One of my areas of interest is that of design fiction. Design fiction covers a large range of potential techniques, approaches and stances. It ranges from fiction about the design of digital technologies to the fictions about design. Typically design fictions are intended for small audiences. One use of a design fiction is to help…