Mark Warner – Lecturer

I’m a new lecturer here in the Computer and Information Science (CIS) Department at Northumbria University and have joined the social computing research group after finishing my Ph.D. in HCI at UCL’s Interaction Centre (UCLIC).

My research interests are around online social privacy and computer-mediated communications. I’m interested in how people and groups develop their own privacy-preserving behaviours, how people manage disclosures across various online communication platforms, and how non-disclosure can be exercised without adverse negative consequences.

My previous work in this area has been in the context of HIV disclosure within sex-social apps used by men who have sex with men (MSM) [cscw2018] [chi2019]. This work highlights a social privacy problem known as “privacy unraveling” that can negatively impact users who choose not to disclose their status through assumptions that develop around their non-disclosure decision. It also highlights how people appropriate technologies in interesting ways, through the cultivation of new meaning around various elements of a user interface, a process I refer to as ‘signal appropriation’. This work draws on various theories from economics and evolutionary biology to understand subtle social interactions and behaviours.

The work I am currently exploring focuses on how people manage errors and regrets in computer-mediated communications, with the aim of understanding the various computer-mediated and non-computer-mediated forms of remediation after an error or regretful message has been identified.

In addition to these research interests, I am also working with colleagues from UK, Sweden, Israel, Germany, and the US. These collaborations are on projects related to privacy and usability [paper], online self-censorship [paper], information retrieval and digital health [cscw2019], and user-centred financial security.

I’m always keen to hear about other people’s research and how it relates to my own, with the prospect of future collaborations on interesting projects. If you are interested in chatting, please e-mail me on mark (dot) warner (at) northumbria (dot) ac (dot) uk or add me to twitter @privacurity.