HCI & Social Computing Journal Rankings

Myself and Jamie have recently conducted an exploration of relevant journals within the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Computing, with a view to knowing which are considered high quality (i.e. Q1). In the current research climate dominated by the impending REF assessment, it is very useful to know which journals are considered as high quality and impactful. Many of these journals are known to us already, however looking at formal ranking data has presented us with a few very pertinent titles that we had completely missed!

There are multiple organisations that provide journal ranking, and we have used the data that is available through Thomson Reuters’ InCites Journal Citation Reports to compile the below list. We have decided to publish this list to serve as not only an aide-memoir internally, but it may help others within the field who are looking for a handy summary of Q1 journals. The below list is a selection of those that are particularly relevant to our research group. Of note, submissions to Human-Computer Interaction are eligible for presentation at the ACM SIGCHI Conference.

Name Rank & Subject Area JIF Percentile
New Media & Society 1/79 (Communication) 99.367
Telematics & Informatics 10/85 (Information Science & Library Science) 88.824
Human-Computer Interaction 6/104 (Computer Science, Theory and Methods) 94.712
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 2/79 (Communication) 98.101
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 3/146 (Computer Science, Information Systems) 98.288
Social Science Computer Review 8/96 (Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary) 92.188
Computers and Human Behavior 10/84 (Psychology, Experimental) 88.89
Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 11/62 (Social Pyschology) 83.065
Internet Research 34/146 (Computer Science, Information Systems) 77.055
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 1/16 (Ergonomics) 96.875

The above list is not exhaustive, and is presented in curated form. You can download our full compilation of journals here.