Shaun’s CHI 2018 reflections

After a year off in 2017 I was very happy to go to Montreal for CHI 2018 with around 15 other NorSC and NORTHLab people from Northumbria. The unofficial CHI league tables show us continuing to ride high but a little below Open Lab over the road; one highlight for me was GeordieCHI – the joint Newcastle and Northumbria party where a whole bunch of former LiSC (Lincoln Social Computing) researchers were reunited (see pic above!). I went to two awesome workshops on the Sat and Sun – our own postcapitalist one and the participatory makers one organised by the wonderful Michael and Ingi from Napier. The conference itself I find is always a bit daunting and I tend to always find the ‘wrong’ session. The alt.CHI sessions (organised by Ben Kirman, Conor Linehan and me) were awesome though – featuring amongst other things a séance, 16 minutes of silence, live painting and our own Sanne Verbaan’s shout of ‘bumphones for everyone!’. You had to be there I guess. You can infer further about my priorities when I finish by saying another highlight for me was spending the afternoon in La Cage watching Liverpool trounce Roma in the Champions League semi. Can’t wait for Glasgow.