Smart Connected Homes in Egypt…

Last month we visited Egypt to present our work on IoT project ‘Smart Connected Homes’. The project aim is to develop a platform which will link a range of live sensor data to other data models to provide actionable advice to tenants, landlords and industry to highlight the cause of performance gaps and reduce them.  The project is a collaboration with Your Homes Newcastle (YHN), National Energy Foundation and the BIM Academy. YHN manage over 26,000 properties in the social housing sector in the North East of England. YHN are providing a use case for the project and we have had access to a new build site to install sensors and access Building Information Models (BIMs) and other data.  Extensive testing of various sensor platforms has taken place with the first deployment now being carried out. A platform has been developed to connect the sensor data to other data sets and machine learning techniques are being explored for extracting meaningful information out of the data.

The visit included a meeting with our Tempus funded partners at Cairo University and the German University of Cairo. The Tempus project was developed to share knowledge about Digital Engineering for Construction (DE4C) and the related BIM concept of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) to professionals from different disciplines within the Built Environment in Egypt. Just as importantly we had an opportunity to explore the Pyramids while we were there. Now all we need is some funding to scan those pyramids and make a virtual model.

For more information about the project get in touch with our very own NORSCer Kay Rogage