NorSC at CHI 2017

The Computer-Human Interaction conference (CHI) 2017 was hosted in Denver, Colorado in May, the leading gathering of interdisciplinary researchers interested in HCI. NorSC presented a number of papers at the conference:

Following various studies as part of the CuRAtOR project, Tom, Gavin, Ioannis and Shaun published their work around designing second-screening experiences around reality TV, titled “I’ve been manipulated!” Designing Second Screen Experiences for Critical Viewing of Reality TV.

Selina, Tom and Shaun were also involved in a paper about the design of Reddit bots, which was presented by NorSC associated Kiel Long: “Could You Define That in Bot Terms?”: Requesting, Creating and Using Bots on Reddit

Effie also presented her work around the use of Instagram by parents for family photos, titled: Has Instagram Fundamentally Altered the ‘Family Snapshot’?

Shaun also collaborated on many papers published by our colleagues at Newcastle University’s OpenLab:
* Self Harmony: Rethinking Hackathons to Design and Critique Digital Technologies for Those Affected by Self-Harm
* HCI, Solidarity Movements and the Solidarity Economy
* Connecting Those That Care: Designing for Transitioning, Talking, Belonging and Escaping

A small contingent from NorSC attended the conference, mainly those who were presenting papers. The environs of Denver, most notably with the city being flanked by the rather picturesque Rocky mountains allowed for some excellent site-seeing after the conference, as the attached image suggests.