Fully-funded PhDs in HCI, interaction design, digital living and social computing

As part of our bigger drive to build up related work across the institution as a whole, Northumbria University has over a dozen PhD studentships available across the subjects of design, human-computer interaction, social computing and related areas. Each studentship includes a full stipend, paid for three years at RCUK rates for 2017/18 (this is yet to be set, in 2016/17 this is £14,296 pa) and fees (Home/EU £4,350 / International £13,000 / International Lab-based £16,000). The deadline for applications is 20th January 2017, with each studentship due to commence in October 2017. Each of the named supervisors below would be very happy to discuss the proposed projects with prospective applicants, and there is a great degree of flexibility within each of the topics. Please see the links below and get in touch with the named contacts across the University for further information.

Design to Support Online Identity Management for Women Living with HIV
Contact Abigail Durrant: abigail.durrant@northumbria.ac.uk

Designing for Crowdfunding Social Innovation
Contact Jo Briggs: jo.briggs@northumbria.ac.uk

Participatory Design Fiction for Alternate Civics
Contact John Vines: john.vines@northumbria.ac.uk

The value of craft sensibilities in technology orientated Maker and Hack communities
Contact Justin Marshall: justin.marshall@northumbria.ac.uk

‘Entangled Things’ to Ameliorate Older Age Isolation
Contact Dave Kirk: david.kirk@northumbria.ac.uk

Social computing for food and sustainable living
Contact Adrian Clear: adrian.clear@northumbria.ac.uk

Whole Body Interactions: standing user interfaces for the next generation interaction
Contact Nick Dalton: nick.dalton@northumbria.ac.uk

Digital Risks for Older Adults
Contact Pam Briggs: p.briggs@northumbria.ac.uk

What is the role of brokers and brokerage in the appropriation of Assistive Technologies in dementia care?
Contact Katie Brittain: katie.brittain@northumbria.ac.uk

Human Building Interactions
Contact Leslie McIntyre: lesley.mcintyre@northumbria.ac.uk

Could Skype/FaceTime combat loneliness in the elderly?
Contact Thomas Pollet: thomas.pollet@northumbria.ac.uk

The impact of social media outreach and engagement on health information seeking and risk perceptions during infectious disease outbreaks
Contact Lynne Coventry: lynne.coventry@northumbria.ac.uk

The Business of Search: Spatial Preference Signals in the UK
Contact Kevin Muldoon-Smith: k.muldoon-smith@northumbria.ac.uk