Hacking The Future of Money

Postcards from Brett Scott’s talk at Den2016 in Newcastle.

There is much excitable talk in financial technology circles about the coming age of digital finance, cashless society and financial automation. It is often presented as disruption, but how deep does this disruption really go? Much financial technology innovation is merely the creation of new user experience layers built on top of a core cartel of powerful banks. Furthermore, many of these apparently positive innovations come with dystopian dark sides, enabling new forms of financial surveillance, data exploitation and digital unaccountability. To truly disrupt the future of finance – and steer it on a positive path – we need to go deeper, explore the real nature of financial institutions and break down myths about their history. We need to reclaim the true meaning of the hacker ethic, beyond its hollowed out and gentrified Silicon Valley form, and apply it to contesting the power of the worlds most powerful industry.

IMG_20160719_091226552The basics of money -> it has no value in itself. It’s a claim upon value. A kebab has value in itself (it can be put in a stomach and “energy” is released)

IMG_20160719_091425889How the claim is represented: bearer instrument and ledger system

IMG_20160719_091709550Most money is just 0’s and 1’s in databases of large private banks

IMG_20160719_092641337How to be a good money owner

IMG_20160719_092858432How to be a bad money owner

IMG_20160719_094722056Super list of alternative practices for hacking money

Which one have you tried?  Would you trade some bitcoins for cash?